As a result of natural aging in people, close vision difficulties arise from the age of 40. Starting from an average age of 45, glasses must be used for near vision. Despite the correction of distant vision problems for approximately 25 years with Excimer laser treatments, it was not possible to correct this refractive error, which we call presbyopia, which requires using near glasses. However, there have been important developments in recent years to correct this. For this correction, the effects of wearing a number of materials placed inside the cornea layer have been limited and problems have occurred in performing the operations. In some clinics, although the person does not have a cataract, lenses that provide far and near vision are replaced by removing the eyepiece. Today, the newest technology in correction of near vision with excimer laser is the technology called PRESBYMAX. This is a technology that can only be applied with the Schwind Amaris device. Here, near vision impairment or only near vision impairment can be treated. Treatment procedures are the same as lasik treatment procedures where vision is corrected. In this process, the corneal flap is lifted with a mechanical keratome or femtolaser device. This technology is still applied in Germany, France, England, Korea, China, Japan and Russia. In patients treated with this technology, near vision becomes quite good from day one, but there may be a temporary decrease in distance vision. Following the detailed examination of the diameter of the pupil and the cornea, PRESBYMAX treatment is applied to the patient group suitable for this treatment. It gives the best results in patients who need closer vision without seeing far. One of the important advantages of PRESBYMAX treatment is that this treatment can be reversed in the same eye for patient dissatisfaction. This treatment can be performed by Schwind Pandular Microkeratome by removing the flap mechanically or by using the Ziemer Z6 + Femtolaser device completely by computer control.

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