What is Myopia?

As it is known, eye diseases are among the diseases that should not be neglected in terms of their severity. In case of taking precautions, most of the diseases can be prevented, and if not, it can lead to worse results. One of them, Myopia, is blurry in the far and near vision is the problem. A healthy eye is an eye that sees different distances clearly. It is not seen as a disease that our eyes cannot see far or near clearly due to some reasons.

Generally myopia distance; It is also known as not being able to see distances from 2 meters. Myoma is a hereditary defect. It is generally seen in children between the ages of 8-12. It can be even worse with the development of the body in adolescence. It may vary slightly between the ages of 25-45.

What Are Myopic Symptoms?

The problem of not seeing far is the most prominent. It is known as eye fatigue and headache that occur when trying to look and focus on the objects or places we look with by squinting.

How Is Myopia Treated?

This problem can be solved with contact lenses or concave lens glasses to provide a clearer viewing angle as it is a problem at long distances. These of course only help to clarify the angle of view. Laser therapy is available as a permanent procedure for myopia treatment. The patient's eye disorders are treated with the Excimer Laser method. Myopia treatment of laser operation; It is up to 12 degrees. In patients who are not suitable for laser operation, a process called smart lens can be applied into the eye. Whether your eyes are suitable for the laser, the examinations performed by the ophthalmologists will be decisive.

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