Many different eye diseases such as hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism and cataract can be treated with laser eye surgery, which is called “Excimer Laser Eye Surgery” with its medical name. People who do not want to use glasses or lenses in their daily lives use laser eye surgery techniques to obtain healthier eyes.

Eye surgery operation with the help of laser laser is used to completely eliminate visual impairments of the eye. Laser vision surgery is among the operations that can be performed without any side effects when visual defects are an issue.

Which Diseases Can Be Treated With Eye Laser Surgery?

Laser eye surgery is also used in myopic treatments. People who want to be treated for myopia usually complain about not being able to see the distance clearly while they can see the close clearly. The reason for this situation is due to the refraction of the rays coming to the cornea part of the eye.

Wrongly refracted rays prevent the retina from focusing towards the anterior parts of the retina, and myopic eye disease occur. Laser eye surgery can be performed by considering the degree of illness of the people suffering from this disease and the general condition of the patient.

People who want to be hyperopic using laser generally complain about not being able to see clearly. This disease occurs because the rays coming into the eye are broken in the cornea and cannot focus on the back of the retina region. Thanks to laser eye surgery, hyperopia can also be treated.

Apart from these diseases, different eye conditions can be treated by laser eye surgery depending on the degree of the disease and the condition of the patient.

Who Can’t Have Laser Eye Surgery?

Preliminary examinations are required for laser eye surgery to people with eye diseases. Apart from this situation, it is necessary to be careful with pregnant and lactating women and people who have not been controlled for diabetes. Laser eye surgery is not recommended for AIDS patients, those with high level eye dryness, and those whose general health is not suitable for surgery.

What Should Be Considered After Laser Eye Surgery?

After laser eye surgery, simple problems can occur. However, patients can usually return to their daily lives within a few days after laser eye surgery. After the laser eye surgery, small blushes and a stinging sensation may appear in the eye. These situations are extremely natural and are situations that can disappear on their own as soon as possible. In order to prevent dry eye, it is enough to use your eye drops that will be given to you by your doctor.

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