Dropping Glasses

If you have an active life and want to enjoy your daily life, it is usual that you don't always want to wear glasses. On the road, in the office or in the gym, you will enjoy life more if you do not have to constantly deal with your glasses.

The most successful method to help you eliminate the need for glasses is laser surgery. Given the difficulties of achieving a good and even vision of both eyes using glasses, this laser surgical treatment aims to equalize both eyes.

How Laser Works?

Many patients say, "How can a laser correct my vision?" she asks. Laser remove tissue from the center of the cornea (in the case of myopia) to straighten its curl and correct nearsightedness. In the case of farsightedness, it is removed from the perimeter of the cornea to increase tissue curvature.

The laser essentially reshapes the anterior surface of the cornea. To do this, tissue under the corneal epithelium must be exposed. This can be accomplished by direct removal of the corneal epithelium with a laser.

Excimer laser is a soft, cold ray laser that is uniquely suited to refractive corneal surgery task.

The goal is to reshape the cornea so that light rays entering the eye clearly focus on the retina. The Excimer laser produces a cool, ultraviolet light beam that literally evaporates the texture while breaking the carbon bonds. The tissue is precisely removed at the microscopic level, leaving adjacent tissues unharmed. This evaporation process is called photoablation.

The unique sensitivity of the excimer laser makes it uniquely suited to the task of corneal surgery. This allows the surgeon to literally gently and precisely put the cornea into a more desired shape, which allows the light beams to focus accurately on the retina.


Myopia Correction

In near-sighted patients, they have corneas that are too steep for the length of their eyes. Excimer laser is used to flatten the cornea so that the light rays passing through it focus on the retina rather than in front of it.

Hyperopia Correction

Patients with hyperopia have corneas that are too flat for eye length. Excimer laser is used to erect the cornea so that the rays of light focus on the retina rather than the back.

Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK)

This is a procedure in which the anterior surface of the cornea is directly shaped by the excimer laser. The surgeon prepares the eye by gently removing the surface layer known as the corneal epithelium. This layer renews itself in a few days. Computer controlled touches are directed to the exposed surface (corneal stroma) to reshape the cornea. Less than 10 percent of the cornea is affected and deeper layers are not touched. The whole procedure takes about ten minutes per eye and is almost painless.

If you wear glasses, you will not only perform permanent eye exams and evaluations, but you will probably spend a lot of money when your prescription changes or you decide to change the style of your frames.

If you want to see visual freedom and no glasses or contactless better than ever, you have a good reason to drop your glasses.

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