Burning Eye

The pain that occurs with watering in any part of our eye but especially in the part of the eye that is closest to the nose, which we call eye dispenser, is called eye burn. Burning of the eye can occur due to various diseases, as well as many symptoms. For this reason, eye burns felt anywhere or both in the eye should be taken seriously and physician help should be applied.

Causes Eye Burn?

Burning of the eye can occur for many different reasons. Therefore, the reason must be clearly understood before the treatment process begins. In this way, a correct intervention method can be found.
The environmental factors, the causes of the disease, the allergic causes of the eye burn causes are analyzed in three different groups.

Environmental Causes of Burning Eye

  • Polluted air
  • Wind
  • Powder
  • Hair sprays
  • Pool water chlorine
  • Prolonged sun exposure
  • Exposure to cigarette smoke
  • Hair dyes

Dirty air affects our skin and eyes. Chemicals in the air exert intense pressure on our eyes and skin pores even if we do not feel them. In this case, it is one of the reasons for eye burn.

Cigarette smoke can harm eyes with a particularly sensitive structure. To understand the effect of cigarette smoke on your eyes, you can check whether your eyes have a feeling of relaxation by smoking in the indoor area and then switching to the open air. If you feel somehow a reduction in the burning sensation, its source is definitely exposure to cigarette smoke.

The sun has been doing more harm than good to the human body in recent years. Our organs are our eyes, where the harmful effects are most felt. In addition to the burning sensation, if the sun effect, which is manifested by redness in the eyes, is not taken or treated, it continues in case of complaints that are not cut back and reduces the quality of vision.

For some, giving up the summer season is pool pleasure. However, chlorine in the pool water creates sensitivity in the eyes. If your eyes are weak, the infection is inevitable. It is not easy to be affected by this situation. However, when you enter the pool, you can reduce the contact of the water with your eyes by not diving into the water.

Wind is another environmental factor of the problem of burning eyes. Pollen and derivative dust particles and dirt in the air harm our eyes.

Hair dye and hair spray are cosmetic products with chemical ingredients. These products have negative effects on the skin, especially the eyes. In the event that the hair spray and hair dye come into contact with our eyes, we should immediately wash our eyes with plenty of water.

Causes of Burning Diseases
Eye Flu
Dry Eye
Eye Fatigue (Astenopia)
Bacterial Infections
Fear of Light (Photophobia)
Eye fever is a disease caused by inflammation or infection of the inner membrane of the eyelid and the white part of the eye that covers the eye. The eye generation, known as “conjunctivitis” in the medical language, can be transmitted by contact paths or can be caused by infection.

Dry eye, which is a disease caused by decreased tear or decreased tear quality in some people, is mostly seen in older people. Especially in women, the severity of the disease increases during menopause. Dry eye can accompany a dry eye. Causes such as long-term use of the lens or constantly looking at the computer screen can also cause eye dryness.

Eye fatigue is the fatigue of the eyes due to their intensive use. It can occur for reasons such as low light or looking at the computer screen for a long time. Usually this fatigue can be relieved as a result of rest.
Fear of light is not a very common disease. Although it is unknown, such a disease is possible. For example, cosmetics stores, jewelers and other companies that use a lot of light to make their products more attractive. People with a fear of light illness are seriously disturbed in such environments. Since the eyes of photophobic people are very sensitive, they often experience burns.

Allergic causes of eye burn
Animal Bran
Mold Mushrooms
Treatment of diseases related to heartburn is carried out in İzmir Ekol Eye Hospital.

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