Excimer Laser Surgery in Visual Problems

Excimer Laser Surgery in Visual Problems


Excimer Laser, also known as "eye-drawing" among the people, is an operation that patients with various visual impairments (strabismus, astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia) can see clearly without glasses or lenses and without problems.

The purpose of this operation, which is known as eye-drawing among the people, is to eliminate the visual impairments of the cornea in front of the eye using excimer laser, that is, the change of the eye number. With the operation performed by applying local anesthesia applied to the eye, the excessive curvature in myopia is reduced, while the cornea that is flat in hyperopia is bombarded. These operations, whose almost all risks have been eliminated, are completely optional, just like aesthetic operations, except in some cases.

For Who Excimer Laser Surgery Is Suitable

To be over the age of 18, not to be 60
Anyone who undergoes examination and certain tests by the doctor who will perform the operation and who receives the appropriate report from the doctor for the operation can enter this operation. Patients over 60 are not recommended to undergo this operation.

Who Doesn't Apply Excimer Laser Surgery?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women
Has advanced eye dryness
Progress in glasses degrees
Having cataract problems
Who have congenital corneal problems
Patients with diabetes cannot have this operation.


TransPRK (No-Touch) Method
This method, as the name implies, is carried out completely by laser, without touching any foreign body to the eye. As there is no contact with the eyes, patients' concerns are also relieved. It is enough for the patient to look at the oncoming light for about 1 minute to correct the cornea in the eye. After this operation, the eyes do not need to be closed, the patient can go home with his eyes open. After the operation, the patient may have complaints such as blurred vision, stinging and sensitivity to light for a few days, but all problems disappear from the 4th day.

Lasik Method
In this method, drops of drugs are squeezed into the eye where the operation will be performed before the operation, and then the cornea is reached by opening a cut in the form of a corneal valve with a special knife called "Keratom", then the cornea defect is corrected. Stitching is not required as it is self-adhesive. The patient may experience some pain for about 24 hours.

You can say goodbye to vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism with Excimer laser surgery, which is known as eye-drawing among the people.

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