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Ekol Göz is at your service in Mavişehir – Çiğli KipaAVM Junction. We began serving our patients starting from July 2012, with our reliable expert staff and with every kind of technology related to ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment.

Our Doctors

Prof.Dr. Kaan Ünlü Opr.Dr.Gökhan Erbakan
Prof.Dr. Tansu Erakgün Prof.Dr. Kaan Ünlü Opr.Dr.Gökhan Erbakan
  Opr.Dr. Kaan Okan Erdem
Opr.Dr. Hasane P.Yoleri   Opr.Dr.Kaan Okan Erdem

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Recently added articles

Telescopical Operation Restores Light

Erakgün, who stated that the lenses are insterted to patients with the minimized astronomical telescope by one – hour surgery, said "With the new technology in surgery, people with yellow spot, night blindness, and with innate non-vision, have a chance to see again."...

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Don't let your kid Squint

Surgeon Erhan Yakut stated that the strabismus should be treated in earlier ages; the treatment made in older ages would only effect the look of the eye cosmetically...

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Retinal Detachment (Retainal Detachment surgeries in Ekolgoz are performed by Prof. Dr. Tansu Erakgün)

Eye globe is filled with an interior transperant gel-fluid called "vitreus". Frequently, as the age gets older, vitreus fluid loses its gel texture and gets wrinkled....

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What is cataract? How does it emerge? There is an unseen lens due to its natural location right behind the colorful side of the eye and it is transparent...

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